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In Their Own Words

November 23, 1863

Civil War Attack Stopped Before it Began

A Georgia soldier near Knoxville wrote his wife of having an attack stopped before it began, much to his approval.

“…I am camped in two miles of Knoxville. The Yankees still hold the city. We had orders to charge their breast works last night at 10 o’clock but the orders were countermanded and we did not make the attempt. I think it will take a hard fight to get the enemy out of that place. I was very glad that we did not attempt to storm their works last night for I thought it very likely that it would be the last works that I would storm. …”

Source: Ronald H. Moseley (ed.), The Stilwell Letters: A Georgian in Longstreet’s Corps. Army of Northern Virginia (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2002), pp. 232-233.