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In Their Own Words

November 21, 1771

Comment on John Wesley

Writing to a friend in London, Savannah merchant James Habersham commented on a proposed visit of John Wesley to America. Wesley had spent some time in Georgia over thirty years earlier, before he became famous. His time in Georgia was not a happy one, for either him or the colonists he served. Perhaps because of this Habersham did not think such a a visit was a good idea (though he was polite about it), and indeed Wesley never again came to America:

“… I think it rather late in life for Mr. John Wesley to revisit America, but if he comes, I shall be happy in shewing him all the respect in my Power - Be pleased to present my best regards to him… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VI, The Letters of the Hon. James Habersham, 1756-1775 (Savannah, Georgia Historical Society, 1904), p. 149.