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In Their Own Words

November 19, 1850

Newspaper Debate on North/South Marriages

Reflecting the growing sectionalism in the U.S., a debate occurred on the danger of southerners and northerners marrying. After hearing that someone in the South had proposed that southern men not marry women from the North, the editor of an Abolitionist newspaper responded by writing that any northern man who married a southern woman would be selling “his birthright as a friend of freedom.” On this day, the editor of Macon’s The Georgia Telegraph responded:

“We assure him he need not be alarmed. No Southern woman will marry a gentleman North of mason and Dixon’s line, who cannot furnish unexceptional testimonials of being a pro-slavery man.”

Source: Spencer B. King Jr., Georgia Voices: A Documentary History to 1872 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1966), p. 253.