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In Their Own Words

November 14, 1826

Educate Georgians in Georgia Belief Expressed

One manifestation of sectionalism was a growing belief across the South that it was dangerous for young southern men to be educated in the North because they might be exposed to anti-slavery sentiment. One example of this belief was expressed at a meeting of the University of Georgia’s governing body, the Senatus Academicus, on this day:

“This Board cannot but feel and believe that nothing can be so important to the good people of Georgia, as to have their youth educated among themselves, and as long as knowledge is strength, and absolutely necessary to all departments of government, to the council and to the state … so long will it be necessary to cherish and diffuse its blessings throughout this rising and flourishing country.”

Source: Spencer B. King, Jr., Georgia Voices: A Documentary History to 1872 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1966, reprinted 1974), p. 253.