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In Their Own Words

November 10, 1737

Malcontents Upset Moravians

William Stephens recorded a meeting with the Moravian settlers in Georgia, who were concerned with the actions of the Malcontents - the group of colonists unhappy with the Trustees’ regulations for the colony:

“…After Dinner Mr. Causton called on me again, desiring I should be present to hear what passed be- twixt him and some of the Moravians, whom he expected at his House by Appointment, and to whom he was to communicate such Advice as he had newly received from the Trustees: The Reason, he said, why he asked me to be there, was, because he knew they had been tampered with by some of the disaffected People of the Town, and were grown apprehensive, that the Liberties which Count Zinzendorff had stipulated for them with the Trustees, were in Danger of being infringed: I went and sat with them for some Time ; and upon Mr. Causton’s reading the Rules and Orders which the Trustees requir’d to be observed towards them, by the Magistrates, &c. they dis- covered great Contentment, and went away extremely well pleased.”

Source: Allen D. Candler, ed. The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Vol. IV, Stephens’ Journal 1737-1740, Atlanta, GA, 1906, pp. 22-23.