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In Their Own Words

November 09, 1765

Stamp Act Difficulty Recorded in Letter

From Savannah, Georgia royal governor James Wright wrote the British Board of Trade about his resolve to administer the Stamp Act once instructions and stamped paper was received but warned that opposition to that act had spread from the other colonies into Georgia:

“I am my Lords under great difficulty with Respect to the Stamp Act, not having to this day received the Act of Parliament, or one Scrape of a Pen about it, nor is any Stamp’t Paper or Officer yet arrived here. I fear my Lords there has been an omission Some where relative to this matter which Embarrasses me greatly. The moment I receive the act it shall be Punctually observed to the Utmost of my Power. But am very Sorry to acquaint your Lordships that too much of the Rebellious Spirit in the Northern Colonies has already Shewn itself here, indeed the People have been for many Months Past Stimulated by Letters papers &c. Sent them from the Northward to follow their Example.”

Source: Kenneth Coleman and Milton Ready (eds.), Colonial Records of the State of Georgia (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1979), Vol. 28, Part 2, pp. 129-130.