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In Their Own Words

November 07, 1868

Election Results Recorded in Diary

Atlanta merchant Samuel P. Richards recorded in his diary:

“This has been an important week in the history of the Nation as its chief magistrate had been chosen for another term of four years. Tuesday was Election day and victory perched upon the Republican banner. Grant & Colfax are facts now taken for Granted. But old Georgia declared loudly for the Democrats, a large number of the negroes voting that ticket. I voted for Seymour & Blair, but I did not dread the success of Grant very much, so that I do not feel very much cast down. I hope that he may make a good President after all. What I dislike is to see so many favoring the unconstitutional acts and designs of the Radical Party.”

Source: Franklin M. Garrett, Atlanta and Its Environs: A Chronicle of Its People and Events (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1969 reprint of original 1954 volume), pp. 786-787.