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In Their Own Words

November 04, 1742

Problematic Communication in Colonial Georgia

Georgia president William Stephens’ journal entry for this day shows the problematic state of communication in colonial Georgia:

“After waiting in vain for a convenient Opportunity, ever Since the latter end of last week, to forward all those Dispatches which I had for the General, I sent a Messenger with them on purpose; who taking the opportunity of a Boat going in the Evening to the Orphan House, had my direction to go on from thence to Noble Jones’s Plantation, and deliver all to him with a Letter to him from me, , recommending it to his Care, in sending it forward by Boat, with as little loss of time as possible… .”

Source: E. Merton Coulter (ed.), The Journal of William Stephens, 1741-1743 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1959), p. 134.