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In Their Own Words

October 30, 1863

Letter Showed Unreliable Mail Delivery

A Georgia soldier stationed in Florida wrote home to his wife; this letter shows the unreliability of Civil War mail delivery.

“… My Dear wife this is to inform you that yours came safe to hand I was vary glad indeed to hear that you was all well you stated that you had not recd but one letter from me since I left home I am vary sorry that my letter does not come through safe. I hav answered every letter punctual that I have recd from you. I hope this will reach you safe and find all well. I have recd 3 or four letters from you since I hav been here and answerd them all punctual. I received the stamps and money that you sent me. This leaves me in vary good health at this time only I am a little sore from marching to this place through the deep sandy roads which is about 12 miles from hour camp. We have dru a suit of clothes which was vary acceptable to the most of the men As to myself I had abowt as many as I could toat. I have now got 3 suits of clothes and 2 blankets with other little things to toat but I have not thru anything away yet. I pay 15 cts a garment for washing. If you hav not got anything from the county yet You had better get your pa or sume man to se Newt and find out something abowt it. Write to me soon as you receive this and direct your letters as before. Give my love to all and reserve a large portion yourself. I remain yours as ever until death. …”

Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia