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In Their Own Words

October 29, 1776

Chaos During Revolution

This letter from Lachlan McIntosh to General Robert Howe showed how chaotic things became on the south Georgia frontier during the Revolutionary War:

“…Dear General. I wrote you already this day, & this moment [receiv]ed an Express from the [Sou]thward that the Indians & people from East [Flori]da after Destroying Old Williams Plantation - Fort Barrington upon the Altamaha [the]y Crossed that River & it is Said have [at]tacted it, before day yesterday, which has [on]ly Eighteen men to Defend the post St. Andw. [and] St. Johnes parishes are in the utmost Con[fus]ion, no militia Can be had as they are [bus]y moving theire families, & I heare [no] thing of the Carolina Horse yet, the Express who brought this Account, Says a plantation was Robbd yesterday Ten miles from St. Johnes meeting House, what Dependance Can be plac’d upon this, I know not, but I must Sett off immeadiatly, to the Southward, with what fiew Horse men, I Can Collect. I am in haste Sir

Your most Obt. Servant Lac Mcintosh”

Source: Hawes, Lilla M., ed. Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. XII The Papers of Lachlan McIntosh 1774-1779, Savannah, GA, 1957, p. 9.