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In Their Own Words

October 26, 1863

Captured, Homesick Civil War Soldier Wrote Wife

A Georgia soldier wounded and captured in the Gettysburg campaign wrote to his wife; he missed being home more than anything.

“…This is my third letter to you since being wounded. I trust that you may receive one at least of the number. The latest I have from you is dated 14th June. I would be ashamed to tell you how often I have read it. The prospect of passing the Winter in the North is less agreeable than probable. Not that I have an apprehension of a want of ordinary comforts; it is the isolation from home. My wound is doing well. I am not permitted to walk a few steps daily, and in consequence, I am slowly regaining strength. My general health is good as might be expected. The authorities of the Hospital are kind and attentive to our wants and comfort; the accommodations are ample and excellent. Virginia is visible across the Potomac. …”

Source: Anita B. Sams (ed.), With Unabated Trust: Major Henry McDaniel’s Love Letters from Confederate Battlefields as Treasured in Hester McDaniel’s Bonnet Box (The Historical Society of Walton County, Inc., 1977), pp. 184-185.