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In Their Own Words

October 24, 1732

First Colonists Attended Trustees Meeting

In London, Sir John Percival (would would become the first Earl of Egmont in 1733) recorded that attending this day’s meeting of Georgia’s Trustees were the first colonists selected to go to Georgia:

“… The persons appointed for the Embarkation attended and the Articles of Agreement being read to them, and they being asked if they had any objection to them, Some of them made the following requests: 1. That the Sending Such goods after them as they would not be allow’d to carry with them might be considered. 2. That their daughters might be allow’d to inherit as well as Sons. 3. that the Widows Dower might be consider’d. 4. That they might go on board themselves when their goods went, and that provision might be allow’d them.The the Common Counsil [the executive committee of the Board of Trustees resolv’d, That the persons who went over, & desired it, Should have the privilege of naming a Successor to their lands, who in case they died without Issue, Should enjoy the Same to them and their Heirs forever, and that the Widows Should have their Thirds as in England. Order’d that each Comradeship Should be lodg’d on board according to Lot. Order’d 300£ into Mr. Heathcotes hands to defray the charges of the Embarkation … .”

Source: Robert G. McPherson (ed.), The Journal of The Earl of Egmont: Abstract of the Trustees Proceedings for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1738 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1962), p. 6.