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In Their Own Words

October 15, 1862

Civil War Soldier Wrote of Antietam, Stuart’s Return

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote to a friend, telling him of his regiment’s role at Antietam; he also mentioned the return of General J. E. B. Stuart, though he misspelled his name.

“…You seem to be anxious to be in a fight. I would have been pleased to have had you along in the Sharpsburg afair. Our little band played such a conspicuous part thare. … If you could have seen the 13th Georgia Reg runing like the hounds of h___l were after it while the 21st stood like men and broke the anemy’s line you would have thought that the whole regiment was ‘shocked by a shell’ and anticipated another shock. … I would not be much surprised if we made another trip into Maryland or Penn. Gen Steward, I understand has just returned from there having captured about seven hundred prisoners and about a thousand fine horses. …”

Source: Randall Allen and Keith S. Bohannon (eds.), “Campaigning with ‘Old Stonewall’: Confederate Captain Ujanirtus Allen’s Letters to his Wife (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1998), p. 175.