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In Their Own Words

October 05, 1739

Oglethorpe Informed Trustees of Indian Trip

From Savannah, James Oglethorpe wrote to the Trustees following his visit to the heart of the Creek Nation to renew alliances of friendship:

“I am returned from the Indian Countrey and thank God in good health. I have received the Kings Commands to anoy the Spaniards and am going to Execute them. I’ve been obliged to make large presents to the Indians, who are now thoroughly engaged to us. Tooanhowi is gone with 200 Men against the Spaniards. The Cherokees are raising 600 Men and the Creeks 400 who are to act with me. The Affairs of the Colony are much mended but the Accounts are not gone through. Mr. Jones will let you know the Progress that is made in them. I am forced to make severall Expences upon this Rupture, which I hope will be laid before the Parliament not as the Trustees, but as a Governmentall Expence. There has been a great Sickness in Charles Town, but Georgia is health. Pursuant to his Majesty’s Orders the inhabitants of Savannah have fitted out a Privateer… .

“P.S. As soon as possibly I can get time to write I’ll send You the State of the Colony to lay before Parliament.

“P.P.S. I fear I have tired you with the length of the Inclosed and for more particulars of the Province I must refer you to Colonel Steven’s Journals. I’ve been forced to put 30 Rangers upon footing, to employ several Scout Boats, to promise pay to the Indian traders for raising the Indians to preserve the Province in this critical Juncture.”

Source: John T. Juricek (ed.), Georgia Treaties, 1733-1763, Vol. XI in Alden T. Vaughan (ed.), Early American Indian Documents: Treaties and Laws, 1607-1789 (Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America, 1989), pp. 98-99.