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In Their Own Words

September 30, 1822

Editorial Called for Popular Gubernatorial Elections

In an editorial supporting popular election of Georgia’s governor (then elected by the General Assembly), Savannah’s Georgia Journal appealed for a constitutional amendment (which was approved in 1824):

“The violence of the contest for seats in the legislature, whenever a Governor is to be elected, is to be deprecated. In the midst of it the great interest of the State are lost sight of, and in many instances, men are elected on no other account than because they will vote for some particular individual for Governor. This will continue to be the case as long as this officer is elected by the Legislature. Give his election to the people, and let us have a Legislature elected on account of their qualifications to discharge their duties as law makers. We have always been in favor of this change in the Constitution, and are so still.”

Source: Albert Berry Saye, A Constitutional History of Georgia: 1732-1968 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1970), p. 175.