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In Their Own Words

September 27, 1739

Boltzius Met Oglethorpe

In Ebenezer, Johann Martin Boltzius recorded in his journal of his return that day from Savannah. There, he had personally presented the needs of the Salzburgers to James Oglethorpe, who gave Boltzius a widow to serve as his maid and also as a midwife to the community. In Savannah, Boltzius also learned that war was about to be declared:

“A warship has arrived and explained why Captain Thomson’s long-expected ship has remained away for so long. The reason is that the King of England is going to declare war on the King of Spain, before which it should be announced to all his Majesty’s subjects in America so that they can arm themselves, take precautions, and take revenge at sea, which they have not been able to do yet after suffering so many loses. In order that the planned declaration of war might not be made known to the Spaniards by merchant vessels before it is known to the English, an embargo, or general prohibition against going to sea, has been placed on all ships ready to sail until the warship that has been dispatched has arrived in the American colonies… .”

Source: George Fenwick Jones and Renate Wilson (ed. and trans.), Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America … Edited by Samuel Urlsperger (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1981), Vol. 6, p. 225.