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In Their Own Words

September 18, 1864

Civil War Soldier Wrote Wife of Erotic Dream

A Georgia soldier wrote home to his wife, telling her of an erotic dream he had about her, and its consequence.

“…It is with a good deal of pleasure that I begin to write you these few lines after doing so much cooking today. You don’t know half of what I think of you all the time. I keeps dreaming of you a good deal. Now, my dear Dot, I am a-going to tell my awful dream last night. I ain’t been myself since. I dreamed I was with you, Dot, and we was on the bed. I had covered you two or three times, and we ‘joyed ourselves tarnal [a lot]. Well, now, my dear Dot, I believe I’d got you in a baby way, for I’d puke every morning before breakfast. …”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.), “Dear Mother: Don’t grieve about me. If I get killed, I’ll only be dead.”: Letters from Georgia Soldiers in the Civil War (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), p. 332.