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In Their Own Words

September 17, 1739

Slave Revolt Recorded in Journal

After spending the night at a Carolina fort on the Savannah River south of Augusta, Patrick Mackay and the remainder of James Oglethorpe’s party returning from their trip to the Creek Nation headed down river for Savannah. Soon after departing, the group learned of a slave uprising in Carolina, as Mackay recorded in his journal:

“… [A]s we were going down the river, we met a trading boat going to Fort Augusta. The people on board her told us the Negroes in Carolina had raised up in arms and killed about forty white people. We went to the Uchee Town and from thence to Fort Prince Georgia, where we found thirty men come from Purysburg to strengthen the fort.”

Source: Ed Cashin, Setting Out to Begin a New World: Colonial Georgia (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1995), p. 83.