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In Their Own Words

September 04, 1805

Long Illness Recorded

In his journal, Reuben King recorded - as best as he could remember - his ordeal during a long illness:

“…Agreeable to the best inform [ation] I can git from this time Nine or ten Day lay in a Senceless State or at least untill Wednesday the 4 th of Septem I Do not remember of taking Medi- cine but twice untill I found myself with an apetite to eat - The medicine that I remember takeing was a doase of bark and some Pills that smelt and tasted like Musk I remember of having blister Plasters pulled off and put on about the same time that I took the pills - I am inclined to believe that the quantity of opium that I took was the cause of my lying stuped so long after having recovered my Sences - I had not had any Idea of having been Sick more than two or three Days was anxious to walk about but soon found myself to[o] weak”

Source: Virginia Steele Wood and Ralph Van Wood, ed. The Reuben King Journal, 1800-1806. Savannah, Georgia, The Georgia Historical Society, 1971, pp. 108-109.