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In Their Own Words

September 01, 1864

Diary Entry on Pass from McArthur

William King of Cobb County mentioned in his diary finally getting a pass to go into town from a General McArthur - this was Arthur McArthur, who would marry after the war and sire a son who made a military career of his own - his boy would be named Douglas.

“…Soon after Breakfast this morning I made my call on Gen’l McArthur in town, the first I have met. I found him a very pleasant man, a Scotchman, about 40 years old. I spent over an hour very agreeably with him, but was disappointed in my hopes for Passport, he told me could not just now grant me a passport to pass the lines, that none could be granted now that their Army had occupied Atlanta, so I must be patient, but that he would give me one to go to the North any time I desired it. My disappointment was great, relieved however, by his kindly giving me a pass to go in & out of town whenever I desired, which will be every day I know, so I am now a free man again. My loneliness here was too great for me to quietly to remain, but town Society, as small as it is, will be almost a world to me; the Gen’l says to diminish my loneliness he will also come & see me now & then. …”

Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864