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In Their Own Words

August 25, 1739

Argument Recorded

The difficult conditions in early Georgia could make people’s tempers very short, as William Stephens (the Trustees’ secretary) witnessed in his own home. He was being visited by Noble Jones, when a bailiff named Parker appeared and accused Jones of mistreating his family by refusing to give a bottle of wine to a servant for use by his sick wife:

“… This Mr. Jones grew warm at; and Parker not a Jot less so; when throwing his Arm to and fro (as is common with him to do in any Vehemence of expression) Mr. Jones started from his seat, and dared him to strike; both then shaking their Fists at each other, but care was taken to prevent Blows, and it ended in scurrilous Language on both Sides, each looking on himself as the best Man, and throwing out Ribaldry in Abundance, with scurvy Reflexions on one another’s former Courses of Life… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceeding in Georgia ([not city cited]: Readex Microprint Corporation, 1966), Vol. II, p. 106.