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In Their Own Words

August 22, 1776

Council of Safety Minutes

The Georgia Council of Safety was a temporary body formed to carry on Georgia’s government during the Revolutionary War. Not surprisingly many of its meetings dealt chiefly with military matters, as evidenced by minutes of this day’s meeting:

“… Capt. Leonard Murphy made application to the Board for leave to go with a detachment of Militia against some of the Cherokee towns. It was the opinion of the Board that orders be given to him accordingly. Ordered, that Capt. Thomas Morris do fit up, with all possible expedition, the row boats, and to get as many carpenters as he can procure for this purpose. Capt. Harvey having made information that sundry persons in the Back Settlements are about to leave the Province, and to take their property with them; it was the opinion of the Board that the commanding officers of the Militia be directed to stop and secure the property of such persons as are about to depart the Province, &c., &c. Ordered that commissions do issue for Andrew Johnston, as Captain, James Martin and Alexander Boys, Lieutenants, of a Company of Militia in the District of Queensborough. Also, for John McCandlas, as Captain, John Clements and John Patterson, Lieutenants, of a Company of Militia, as above. Likewise for William Tulley, as Captain, David Merrine and Drurey Roberts, Lieutenants, as above. And lastly, for Tuberfield Thomas, as First Lieutenant, and John Twittee, Second Lieutenant,of a Company of Militia commanded by Capt. Charles Harvey… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society (Savannah: Savannah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1901), Vol. V, Part 1, pp. 96-97.