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In Their Own Words

August 21, 1753

William Horton’s Plantation Described

William Horton had served ably under General James Oglethorpe, so ably that was given command of the garrison in 1743 when Oglethorpe returned to England. Not only was Horton a talented military leader, he also established a successful plantation on Jekyll Island. On this day Jonathan Bryan visited the plantation and described it in his journal:

“…Mr. Simons and I went up to see Major Horton’s Plantations and Buildings at Jekyl. I was Surprizd at the extraordinary Expense this Gentleman must have been at in the Setling and improving of this Place. he has a handsome dwelling house of about forty foot long by twenty wide, neatly finish’d and Glazed, a good House for his Overseer about thirty by twenty, a Malt House of Eighty or one hundred foot long by thirty, all of these Tabby, also a large Brew-house of wood with all Conveniences for Brewing, a large Barn and Stables and other Conveniences too numerous to mention; he has a large Orange garden, now loaded with Fruit, a good Stock of about three hundred Head of Cattle and one hundred Head of Horses. This Place is about ten Miles from Frederica; the Island is about nine Miles long and two Miles wide it is very fit for Stock and some good planting Land on it. …”

Source: Virginia Steele Wood and Mary R. Bullard, editors, Journal of a Visit to the Georgia Islands of St. Catherines, Green, Ossabaw, Sapelo, St. Simons, Jekyll, and Cumberland, with Comments on the Florida Islands of Amelia, Talbot, and St. George, in 1753. Mercer University Press, in association with The Georgia Historical Society, 1996, pp. 25-27.