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In Their Own Words

August 15, 1864

Diary Entry on State of the Country and Slavery

William King of Cobb County wrote in his diary concerning the state of the country, and of slavery, and mentioned he had heard of the Confederate force at Dalton.

“Prospects of a dry warm day, Lieut. Osborne, a native of Louisville but later from Cincinnatti spent 2 or 3 hours with me this morning, he is a young man of fine mind & spirit, we had a long and pleasant intercourse relative to the sad condition of the country; the prevailing feeling of the Army now seems to be not only a reconstruction of the Union, but the abolition of slavery , not that they feel any interest in the poor Negro, but believing slavery to have been the cause of this sad War, they believe it necessary for future peace, that the Negro question must be settled now, by getting rid of the slave. The general feeling of the Army seems to be to favor Mr. Lincoln’s election, not that he is their choice, but for the same cause which induced so large a vote for Gov. Brown, that it is better to leave the reins of Government undisturbed in his Hands during the War. I learnt today that there has been frequent injuries lately done to the Road above, causing damage to the Trains, one above Big Shanty last Friday, from the slight injuries done to the Road at different places, I apprehend they are done by persons living in the vicinity. I hear a Report today that a Conf. force has made a demonstration on Dalton. Maj’r Carter has a serenade this evening & made a speech to his men.”

Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864