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In Their Own Words

August 11, 1738

Missing Man Found

William Stephens reported on the finding of a man given up for dead:

“… The young Man who was almost given over for lost , was at last happily found again; wherein Providence seemed in a particular Manner to shew [sic] itself: One of the Inhabitants of Hampstead, who among others had been seeking him two Days in vain, had so strong an Impression made on him in the Night, that he could not rest; wherefore going out again this Morning, in a short Time upon firing his Piece, he heard the poor Man make a Faint Answer, and then he soon came up with him: He had been three Days bewildered in a Swamp, which lies this side Vernon River, the largest in all the Country, and in many Places unpassable; but was now got within a small Distance of Hampstead, which was more than he knew; and being quite spent, he was laid down, expecting never to have risen again, when he heard this honest Man’s Gun; who carried him to his House, gave him Milk, and what he had, and then came and acquainted his Friends with it, who went and brought him joyfully to Town… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceedings in Georgia (London: 1742) as reprinted (no city cited: Readex Microprint Corp.,1966) Vol. I, pp. 260-261.