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In Their Own Words

August 09, 1738

Journal Entry on Man Lost in Swamp

William Stephens recorded one of the many perils colonists faced:

“… Upon Mr. Whitfield’s going for Frederica, he rode as far as Vernon River, taking Mr. Habersham, the School-Master’s Brother, with him, with Intent that he should bring the Horses back, whilst he himself proceeded by Water; but the young Man missing his Way home, and getting into a Swamp, through which he could not get his Horse that he led to follow, he left him tied to a Tree, and with Difficulty got Home in the Morning, after much Wandring [sic] and Fatigue: A Day or two after he took two People out of the Town with him, to try if he could get the Horse which he left tied; but whereabout it was he could not tell, which occasioned them to ramble far and wide from each other, till at length they could not tell how to meet again; and the Townsmen at length returned home again, hoping to find Mr. Habersham there also: But nobody hearing any Thing of him yet, since he and his Companions parted Yesterday in the Forenoon, his friends with Reason began to be alarmed . . I thought it advisable on such an Emergency, to get some damaged Powder out of the Stores, and ordered a Gun to be fired now and then…so that if happily he was in hearing it might be a Guide to him which Course to take… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceedings in Georgia (London: 1742) as reprinted (no city cited: Readex Microprint Corp.,1966) Vol. I, pp. 258-259.