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In Their Own Words

August 07, 1864

Sparsely Attended Church Service Noted in Diary

William King of Cobb County wrote in his diary of the sparsely attended religious services, and the return of some of Stoneman’s raiders who had avoided capture.

“…the Chaplain commenced his services, under the trees in the Yard. I sat in the Room Window and attended his services, not 1/3 of the men attended & but few of the officers; those who attended were very attentive; the services were short, the whole occupying less time than an hour. The sermon was from 1 Rom: Verse, a plain good discourse, but not exhibited the spiritual unction I had expected. A number of the men from Stoneman’s Raid are coming in today, many without shoes, Hats & coats, and almost all on foot & well worn out, these Cavalry Raids must be very uncomfortable undertakings. In the afternoon the Chaplain had other services, I did not attend but went to visit some of the neighbours, his services at night I attended, he had a larger audience, but much noise & disturbance around. The officers do not seem to feel much interest in the services, neither attending themselves nor using their influence to preserve order. …”

Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864