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In Their Own Words

August 04, 1738

News of Oglethorpe’s Return

William Stephens received good news about Georgia’s founding father on this day:

“…In Conference this Morning with Mr. Williams, together with Colonel Cockran, and enquiring what News he brought from the West-Indies; that which was most pleasing, was to hear, that by Letters arrived at St. Kitt’s before his Departure thence, they were informed of Colonel Oglethorpe’s having taken Leave of his Friends in London, and being come to Southampton, where he was on the 10th of May ready to embark, together with the Remainder of his Regiment, for Georgia… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceedings in Georgia (London: 1742) as reprinted (no city cited: Readex Microprint Corp.,1966) Vol. I, p. 255.