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In Their Own Words

August 02, 1738

Illness Recorded in Journal

William Stephens’ journal entry for this day shows how even a simple illness could quickly turn serious in colonial Georgia:

“Wednesday. My Son’s Pains were grown so exceeding sharp and severe by the Contraction of his Nerves in all Parts of his Body, that I had more than enough to do, to give him all the Aid possible I could, being in such Convulsions, that two Men were scarce sufficient to hold him: But at length through God’s Blessing, that Agony began to wear off … . It may not be unworthy Remark here, to observe what strange Effect Colds frequently have in this Country; this shewing [sic] itself at first only in an ordinary Tooth-Ach, but by Degrees insinuated into all the tender Nerves, and even deprived him of his Senses, Feeling only excepted.”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceedings in Georgia (London: 1742) as reprinted (no city cited: Readex Microprint Corp.,1966) Vol. I, pp. 253-254.