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In Their Own Words

July 31, 1734

Indian Death from Smallpox Recorded

In his journal of Trustees proceedings, the Earl of Egmont wrote of the death of Tomochichi’s cousin during the Yamacraw Indian delegation’s trip to England:

“This month one of these Indians died of the Small pox. Sr. Hans Sloan attended him. He was Cosen [cousin] to Tomachachi [sic]. They Sat up all night bewayling [sic] his loss. On this occasion Tomachachi told Mr. Verelts that his Relation was gone to the Great Spirit, that he would See us no more, but he Should See him, and believed he Should be the first.”

Source: Robert G. McPherson, The Journal of The Earl of Egmont: Abstract of the Trustees Proceedings for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1738 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1962), p. 59.