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In Their Own Words

July 31, 1864

Georgia Civil War Soldier Wrote Home about Battle of the Crater

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote home to his wife, telling her of the Battle of the Crater.

My dear wife This is to inform you that I am again permitted to write you a few lines through the mercy of God to let you know that I am yet alive and in the enjoyment of a reasonable portion of health at preasant, After the bloody days work of yesterday. The yankeys blew up about 75 yards of hour works and then made a charge on a portion of hour works and taken possession of about 300 or 400 yards of hour works and we had to charge them and retake them. hour loss was vary heavy in hour redgiment in both officers and men. Colonel Evans was killed ded on the field. Lieutenant Parks was sevearly wounded. we lost 5 killed out of hour company. Mr Jackson Harrison was killed. he was one of my mess and a very clever man. we recaptured the works and still hold them and I recon we will still hold them until another blow up takes place. our Brigade does not hold that portion of the Brest works whare the blow up was. we are about 2 miles to the right but we are subject to be ordered to any point on the line. Mr. Petty was not in the fight as he is cooking for the company. honey I hav not received a word from you since I was at home which is one month today. I hope I will hear from you soon. when you write to me back your letters in this wise: E.H. Jones, Co F, 64 Regt. Georgia Volunteers, Wrights Brigade, Petersburg Virginia and I think your letter will certainly come through safe. I hear the yankeys are invading Georgia with their raiding parties. I fear they will over run the state before this cruel war closes. but they ever do come to whare you are they will not trouble you I dount think. write me all the news you can. I want to hear from the boys vary bad. I am afraid I hear bad news as thare been so much hard fighting about Atlanta. Oh when will this cruel war close. give my love to all. kiss the children for me. I remain yours as ever until death.

Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia