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In Their Own Words

July 30, 1864

Diary Entry Noted Decent Union Soldiers

William King of Cobb County wrote in his diary of his and a neighbor’s concern for their sons in the war, his improving opinions on Union officers, and a false rumor that Johnston had again been placed in command of the Confederate army - King had little use for Hood’s recklessness as he saw it.

I went to see our neighbour Mr. Marks (at Col. Brumby’s) this morning, I found the old man quite unwell & has been so for some time, they are getting on pretty well, they like myself feel much anxiety about their son in Johnson’s Army–how many poor hearts are burdened & breaking by this needless war. What a joyful day will it be to me when peace returns. God grant that it may not be far distant; all the Federal soldiers I converse with seem as anxious as I am for peace, that they may be allowed to their families & domestic enjoyments at Home–all the feelings they express seem kind & sympathizing with us. My intercourse with them has greatly elevated my opinion of the character & feelings of the Federal Army. … I was gratified to learn from Col. E. this evening that it was rumored, & which I hope may prove true, that Gen’l Johnson had again assumed command of our Army, as Hood would soon kill off all our poor men in fighting, an act which the nobleness of Gen. J’s heart will not allow him to do, for the cause of humanity I sincerely hope that Gen’l J. has again assumed the command. …

Source: Diary of William King; Cobb County, Georgia, 1864