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In Their Own Words

July 24, 1772

Letter Told of Tragedy

James Habersham wrote to William Knox, former Georgia agent in England who still owned land in Georgia, of the attempts at producing rice on his land, along with some other catastrophes:

“… [H]e plants 140 Acres of Rice, and that 25 acres are without Banks - In my last I was sorry to inform you, that the Lightning has struck your House at Knoxsborough, broke down the Chimney level with the Eaves of the House, shattered one of the Posts, and killed one of your fine Lads… .The foolish Gimcrack of a Machine that was put up at Knoxsborough to pound your Rice was not only expensive and useless, but has greatly hurt your Barn by undermining it… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VI, The Letters of the Hon. James Habersham, 1756-1775 (Savannah: The Georgia Historical Society, 1904), p. 194.