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In Their Own Words

July 22, 1740

Salzburgers Enjoyed Watermelon

From Ebenezer, Johann Martin Boltzius wrote of a treat still enjoyed in Georgia today:

“The watermelons are a great blessing from God in this hot land, which we enjoy with heartfelt praise for His loving kindness. Whenever we come to the plantations and are thirsty and somewhat tired, they commonly bring us such melons, which refresh us quite exceptionally and give us new powers, as it were, to conduct our business. On the plantations they grow more plentifully and much bigger and have a sweeter and more delicious taste than near town. People have noticed that this is due to the new land, which the melons prefer to that which has been planted several time over. Several people can eat their fill from one average-sized melon, and they cause not the slightest discomfort… .”

Source: George Fenwick Jones and Don Savelle (ed. and trans.), Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America … Edited by Samuel Urlsperger (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1983), Vol. VII, pp. 196.