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In Their Own Words

July 15, 1901

Diarist Commented on Her Sons

Magnolia Wynn Le Guin kept a diary from 1901-1913; on this day she commented on her youngest son, then went on to make a general observation about all three of her sons:

“… Sometimes he wants to show off and be begins to hollow out ‘I ain’t!’ ‘I ain’t!’ and other new words he has latest learned.”

“… I hope not one of them will make premature boys - or men. I want them to be children; I’m going to teach them to be in no hurry to get to manhood. I despise premature young men and young ladies. I played with my dolls till sixteen and enjoyed them thoroughly. I went with a boy a few times too that year, but I was a natural child. I enjoyed my childhood. I did not hurry into womanhood. I was not anxious to be in the ‘social swim’ of ‘beaux and belles’ - in other words I was not seeking beaux. When I went in society I enjoyed myself but did not think I was a full fledged young lady. I felt I was something of a child.”

Source: Charles A. Le Guin (ed.), A Home-Concealed Woman: The Diaries of Magnolia Wynn Le Guin, 1901-1913, (Athens, University of Georgia Press, 1990), pp. 18-19.