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In Their Own Words

July 15, 1837

Letter on Cherokee Happenings

A.S. Senoir, stationed with U.S. Army troops at New Echota, Georgia, sent the following letter to his father, Maj. William B. Senoir, in Lenoir, Tenn. In it, he refers to the arrival of cattle apparently purchased by the government to feed the Cherokees, John Ross’s plan to hold a council at Red Clay, and the local army commander’s plans to stop Ross:

“… Avery got here last Monday with 51 head of cattle, pretty good beef, cost pretty high, & are pretty troublesome… . It is very healthy here at this time. The Commissioners have adjourned until the 1st Monday in September & also the Committee. John Ross has a Council appointed at Red Clay 31st Inst. Col. Lindsay says he shall not hold it unless gets orders from the War department not to interfere. Should he hold a Council it will put a check to the little spirit of of emigration that exists among them.

“I know nothing more about Avery’s prospects of continuing here than when I wrote from the Agency. As yet he has had not time to learn any thing of the business that would devole [sic] on him, but hope he will be at leisure in a few days, as he has an indian employed to attend to his cattle, which I am in hopes will releive [sic] him of much further trouble after he gets the cattle all together - which we may do to day. Have made way with four small ones.

“A triweekly Mail commences to day by this place to Spring Place - it will shortly be carried on stages… .”

Source: Original manuscript in the collection of Ed Jackson.