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In Their Own Words

July 14, 1901

Diary Entry on Baby and Watermelons

Magnolia Wynn Le Guin had borne a child almost six weeks earlier, but in her diary entry for today we see that she had not yet named him, and of a special occurrence for two of her older sons:

“Baby grows and doesn’t cry much now, if we nurse it a great deal - spoilt - he sleeps more, but is not a baby to sleep soundly yet. He can coo sometimes a little!”

“Travys and Fred went with ‘Papa Ghu’ to Mr. Wilkins yesterday P.M. to eat watermelons. ‘Twas a rare treat to them both.”

“…Bady isn’t named yet. We have been thinking over lots of names but, while Ghu [her husband] wants him named rite away and almost any of the names, I’d like to wait till I could decide more satisfactory on a name suitable to my liking. (Baby was in my lap, under the book, while I did part of this writing.)”

Source: Charles A. Le Guin (ed.), A Home-Concealed Woman: The Diaries of Magnolia Wynn Le Guin, 1901-1913, (Athens, University of Georgia Press, 1990), p. 42.