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In Their Own Words

July 11, 1862

Civil War Soldier Related Battle Charge

A Georgia soldier writing home to his wife told of an exciting battle encounter.

“…About 4:00 in the evening, the enemy threw out some 300 skirmishers in a wheat field to prevent us from bringing forward some cannon. General Hill ordered me to take the company and charge them. We drew the company up in time and gave the order to charge and at them we went a full speed. When we got about half way we came suddenly upon a deep, wide ditch. We had to stop and go around it and cross about 100 yards, when we again dashed at them. They all fled under cover of cannon, but took good care not to come out again. While we were charging, about three or four of their regiments opened fire on us from the woods and bushes on our left. Mr. Barksdale’s horse was shot under him, falling on him and bruising him badly. Two other horses were shot dead and seven or eight more wounded. Cyrus Davis was wounded in the hip, he being the only man that was wounded during the charge. We then joined General Hill again, when a bullet from an exploding shell struck by old black horse in the ankle, passing clean through it, disabling him so much that I had to send him to camp. …”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.), “Dear Mother: Don’t grieve about me. If I get killed, I’ll only be dead.”: Letters from Georgia Soldiers in the Civil War (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), p. 166.