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In Their Own Words

July 11, 1775

Letter from Georgia Patriots

Meeting at Tondee’s Tavern in Savannah, a committee of Georgia’s Provincial Congress composed a letter to royal governor Sir James Wright stating that Georgia would no longer be the weak link among American colonies in opposition to Parliaments attempts to unconstitutionally tax colonists:

“… Although there is no doubt but a great majority of the inhabitants of this Province always looked upon the claim of Parliament to take away the property of Americans as illegal and oppressive, yet, from a variety of causes, not unknown to your Excellency, this Province in the American chain has hitherto been the defaulting link. We have now joined with the other Provinces in the Continental Congress, and have sent a petition to his majesty, appointed delegates to the American Congress, and entered into such resolutions - which we mean inviolably to adhere to - as will convince the friends and foes of America that we would not live unworthy of the name of Britons, as labour under the suspicion of being unconcerned for the rights and freedom of America… .”

Source: George White, Historical Collections of Georgia (New York: Pudney & Russell, 1855), p. 75.