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In Their Own Words

July 10, 1864

Diary Entry on Vulnerability to Yankees

Julia Johnson Fisher - staying in Camden County - wrote in her diary of being completely vulnerable to the Yankees.

Nothing further from the North. We look for letters in vain. Ed Richardson came home last month from Virginia with a wounded heel–a ball passed directly through it. Fred and Gussie have both gone to Tennessee to join Johnston’s army. They left the 1st of July. The whole regiment has gone and we are left to the mercy of the blockaders. We only number four men in a region of eight miles and they are lame and decrepit. Mr. Fisher is now confined to his bed with a bad abscess in his right breast. Suffers very much. If the enemy come and wish to take us, there isnothing to prevent them. We went over to Kate’s yesterday. She is complaining. Mrs. Smith with six children, and one at the breast, with a negro, came to pass Sunday with her–hope she will enjoy it.

Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864