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In Their Own Words

July 10, 1742

Colonists Frightened

William Stephens still had not received word of the Battle of Bloody Marsh, and he struggled to keep frightened colonists under control:

“July 9, 10. Friday, Saturday. These two days produced much Confusion among such as had Wives and families to provide some place of safety for… . [W]e got Intelligence, that the Enemy had landed several hundred men … to the Southward of where the Generals Camp stood before, and that his Excellence had got safe to the Town, with what force he head, all resolute and in good heart, determined to Act manfully, whether they were attacked, or made an onsentt (sic) on the Spaniards… . From this Acct. of matters, added to the foregoing, our people began now to discover, what I once hoped I never should see here. Two or three had made early provision for their safety already…but now the panick prevailed among the Women, thro the whole Town, so suddenly, that nothing, was heard but an Outcry how to carry off them and their Children, which occasion’d great disorder; tho all was done, that could be, to pacify them… .”

Source: E. Merton Coulter (ed.), The Journal of William Stephens, 1741-1743 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1959), pp 106-107.