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In Their Own Words

July 05, 1915

Letter to Leo Frank

From Chicago, a friend identified only as “Alfred” wrote Leo Frank in prison in Georgia:

“Now, Leo, I certainly agree with you on Slaton and am duly thankful for the nerve and decency he displayed, but if the interview he gave in New York, to the effect that he would have liberated you, had your petitions asked for that, is true, then I can’t help but feel sore over the fact the petition only asked for commutation to life imprisonment… .

“… By the way, a friend of mine, Mr. Magie of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., asserts that, having lived in the South almost thirty years, he would undertake to make Conley tell the truth and so bring about your liberation; I suppose he would use the snake-bag and the dead men’s knuckle we have all read about in fiction. I rather thank that some of these fine days one of the ‘right guys” who helped to frame the story Conley told, will be dying and confess the part he had in the conspiracy… .”

Source: Letter in the Leo Frank manuscript collection of the Atlanta History Center.