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In Their Own Words

July 01, 1864

Georgia Heat Bemoaned in Letter

In a letter to his wife, Maj. Fredrick Winkler of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry wrote about the status of Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign:

“I am suffering a little from the blues, it is so tedious here and so hot. The mall has not come. I have been looking for my commission as Lieutenant Colonel for sometime; the malls are so slow and irregular, that is reason enough, but it is not satisfactory. I have two new flags at Chattanooga, sent by the State for the regiment; I have procured a detail for my quartermaster to go and get them and take our old flag back, which is to be sent to the State. He will also go to Bridgeport to bring the rest of my worldly possessions. A year ago to-day was a hard day for this regiment, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. I don’t feel much like writing today. If I had a good place, I would lie down and rest, but here we are in the heat, in the open field, and those disagreeable stray bullets always flying about. One of my men was badly wounded in the hip and thigh this morning, and last evening a bullet went through Captain Steinmeyer’s tent, right over his body; fortunately he was lying down at the time. Since those orders the other day to get ready with ten days’ rations, we have heard nothing more about moving… .”

Source: Civil War Letters of Major Fredrick C. Winkler, in 26th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers Home Page