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In Their Own Words

July 01, 1776

Two Notables in Custody

While the reasons for their imprisonment are not given, two prominent Georgia citizens were ordered to be held in custody by the Georgia Council of Safety:

“At a meeting of the Council, July 1, 1776… Whereas it appears to this Board, that Doctor Zubly and Mr. Edw. Telfair, who were in custody, agreeable to a resolve of Congress, were improperly and illegally dismissed by the Chief Justice: It is therefore the opinion of this Board, that the said Doctor Zubly and Mr. Telfair be taken again into custody, until it shall otherwise be determined… .”

Telfair went on to become a zealous patriot and Georgia governor; Dr. Zubly remained a loyalist and his properties were confiscated.

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society (Savannah: Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution,1901), Vol. V, Part I, p. 68.