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In Their Own Words

June 26, 1734

Preparations for Boarding Indians

In his personal diary, the Earl of Egmont (a leading member of the Georgia Trustees in London) recorded of preparations being made at Trustees’ offices for boarding Tomochichi and the other Georgia Indians who had arrived in England ten days earlier:

“I went with my wife to town and dined at home. In the evening I went to the Georgia Board, where we ordered 200 blank bank forms of receipt to be printed, and that the Indians should be brought from Gravesend [a port city on the Thames River about 25 miles downstream from London] to our office, viz. Toma-Chihy [sic], Chief of the Yamacrees [sic], his chief warrior, Toma-Chihi’s wife and grand nephew, the Chief of the _____ nation, and four others. We ordered eight blankets to be bought for their bedding, and that our accountant should go to the Custom House to desire the wine they brought over should not pay duty.”

Source: Historical Manuscripts Commission [U.K.] Manuscripts of the Earl of Egmont: Diary of the First Earl of Egmont (Viscount Percival), (London: H.M. Stationery Office, 1923, Vol. II, p. 113.