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In Their Own Words

June 24, 1738

Stephens Visited Ebenezer

William Stephens visited Ebenezer on this day and noted the hard work of the Salzburgers there, but also the poor quality of the land; they would eventually move to a better site:

“…Proceeded up the River to Ebenezer, where we arrived about Noon. In the Evening walked over all the Plantations, which consisted partly of two- Acre Lots, and partly of Land lying in Common, which they had cultivated, and for this Year appropriated to themselves, enclosed mostly under one Fence, their proper lots not being run out till this last Spring, and then not perfe<5led; lying moreover almost wholly on the Pine-Barren, where they apprehended it would be lost Labour, and therefore would wait in Hopes of better Land being assigned them farther down the River: What they had planted, appeared done exceedingly well; but by reason of the Difference of Seed (as every where else in the Province) great Part of it was in no wise equal to that which was planted with better. … “

Source: Allen D. Candler, ed. The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Vol. IV, Stephens’ Journal 1737-1740, Atlanta, GA, 1906, p. 160.