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In Their Own Words

June 23, 1862

Soldier Needed a Shirt, Liked Yankee Music

A Georgia soldier stationed in Charleston, SC wrote home to his wife, telling her of his experiences, his need for a shirt, and how much he missed his family.

“…I have just coming this morning of Picket. I stood Last night in two of three hundred yards of the yankeys I could hear them all times of the night they had fine musick an they made good musick. I think they are fighting some where else to day for I heard the cannons Roaring all the morning. Wife times is pretty hard here although some days we have a plenty to eat an others we do not…I want you to send me…one more shirt. I would Like to have it pretty near Like the home made one that I brought with me for my hickory one is nearly worn out, it has got holes in in now an I am not a very good hand to patch. tomorrow is my wash day I can wash very well…. Wife it may be a long time before I see you all again but I think of you an the children often an I want to see you all very bad. tell my Children of me an do not let them forget me. …”

Source: Katherine S. Holland (ed.), Keep All My Letters: The Civil War Letters of Richard Henry Brooks, 51st Georgia Infantry (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2003), pp.28-29.