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In Their Own Words

June 23, 1877

Death of Infant Son Recorded

John Girardeau Legare of Darien, Georgia recorded a family tragedy in his journal:

“…our second child, but first son, James, was born at Homestead. He was a fine, healthy child but took sick when six days old and died of infantile lock-jaw June 23rd, 1877 after suffering agony for about 63 hours. As young as he was I am sure he knew me and would cry for me when I put him down. I held him almost all through his illness, night and day, wife being in bed, and the poor little thing could not suck. We had to keep him under the influence of chloroform…”

Source: Buddy Sullivan, ed. The Darien Journal of John Girardeau Legare, Ricegrower, The University of Georgia Press, Athens & London, 2010, p. 29.