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In Their Own Words

June 08, 1776

Council of Safety Minutes

The Georgia Council of Safety was an interim form of government during the turmoil of the Revolutionary period. Minutes of this day’s meeting note:

“At a meeting of the Council June 8th, 1776. Present: His Excellency the Prest. Jno. Adam Treutlen. William Le Conte. Jonathan Cochrane. George McIntosh. Benjn. Andrew. John Wereat. John Houstoun. Ordered, that orders do issue to Col. Baker to hire a number of negroes to finish in a more proper manner the intrenchments around Sunbury. That Col. McIntosh do reinforce the present detachment now there with as many of the battalion as will make a company. That Capt. Saxton do draft one-half the Company of the District residing in or near the Town, and that he be directed to summon them to appear under arms every day, till the present alarm ceases, or the President and Council shall think proper to direct otherwise… .”

And in a intriguing action that we can only guess as to what happened to the original cask and why she needed it, the Council:

“Ordered, that a quarter cask of rum be redelivered to Mrs. McKnight… .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society (Savannah, Savannah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1901), Vol. V, Part 1, p. 60.