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In Their Own Words

June 07, 1742

Oglethorpe Letter on Spanish Actions

From Frederica, James Oglethorpe wrote the Earl of Wilmington in London:

“… The long-promised succours [reinforcements] are now arrived at Saint Augustine from Cuba. I send you enclosed a list of all we have to oppose them. My advices from spies are that we have reason to believe that they intend to attack us immediately and also to favour a revolt of the negroes in Carolina. They can’t pass by us into Carolina, so must take us in their way. But I believe they’ll meet with a morsel not easily to be digested. Yet we are not in the situation we could wish, being very weak in cannon and shot, never having had any from England, nor indeed anything else since my last arrival in this country, but one store ship with power and small arms … . I have sent the guard schooner on the Spanish coast, as I have done boats on the passages between the islands and the main and Rangers on the continent to watch their motions.”

Source: Mills Lane (ed.), General Oglethorpe’s Georgia: Colonial Letters, 1733-1743 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1990), Vol. II, p. 614.