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In Their Own Words

May 29, 1744

Desperation Recorded in Young Colony

In his journal entry for this day, William Stephens recorded the desperate mood often brought upon the settlers in the struggling young colony:

“Proper Notice was taken of the Day by hoisting the Flag; but an unnecessary waste of powder in firing Cannon I thought might be saved. And in the Evening Mr . Bosomworth Read to us the Divine Service appointed by Law. The President and Assistants having been less frequent than usual in their Consultations, during a while past, thro want of matter to take in hand that was fit to advise on, I called them however again together this day; but to little purpose, for ‘twas not for us to descant on such affairs relating to the Colony, as were above our understanding; nor to Assign the Cause of such Stagnation as with Grief we see coming upon us, Still hoping to hear better things.”

Source: E. Merton Coulter (ed.), The Journal of William Stephens, 1743-1745 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1959), p. 108.