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In Their Own Words

May 25, 1737

Two Men Worked for Provisions

Thomas Causton was the first storekeeper for the Trustees in early colonial Georgia. On this day he mentioned two men being in debt to the Trustees, one of which had taken on a job for John Wesley:

“…Charles Briton being in debt to the Trustees, has undertook to split Rails for the same, on Condition that I support him 10 pound provisions. Mr. Wesley having also desired a Schoolroom for the Children, to be built by his house, John Desborough has undertook it for 14 pounds Sterling he being likewise in Debt to the Trustees, I am to allow him provisions only.”

Source: Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1974), p. 243.