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In Their Own Words

May 21, 1865

Yankees Not Welcomed in Church

Eliza Frances Andrews’ journal entry for this date shows distaste for Northerners wasn’t set aside during Sunday morning worship:

“May 21, Sunday… . Two of the Yankees seated themselves in the pew with Charley Irvin, who instantly rose and changed his seat. The others had sense enough to take the hint and confine themselves to vacant pews. Mr. Adams preached, as usual. He prayed for all prisoners and fugitives, and against injustice and oppression, though in guarded language. He read the Twenty-seventh Psalm, laying marked emphasis on the words: ‘False witnesses have risen up against me.’ … “

Source: Eliza Frances Andrews, The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 (New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1908), pp. 264-265.